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Simply Lowcountry: Book Review: Bloody Mary Club

Simply Lowcountry: Book Review: Bloody Mary Club: The Bloody Mary Club caught my attention right from the beginning. Written by Debbie Dyke, both the cover and summary of this book s...

Monday, November 19, 2012

What do I want readers to take away from you’re my story?
Ladies! This is your wake up call to take get your financial house in order. Stop wasting money on red soled high heels, put that money in savings! Drop that high priced latte right now. Don’t wait for a rich prince to come and save you!
Here’s a passage from The Bloody Mary Club, Page 28 where my lead character Gina gives her ladies a wakeup call for being lazy about their finances:
“You’ve all grown up thinking you can’t handle this stuff and if you’re a good girl, some big strong man will come along and take care of it for you. Wake up. It’s not going to happen. Without this club, you’ll be greeters at Wal-Mart when you’re seventy,” Gina plucked a shrimp from her drink and jiggled it at Vivi. “Your legal secretary job isn’t secure.”
Vivi picked imaginary lint off her slinky top.
“What happens when your one-man-shop lawyer is thrown in jail for tax evasion? You’re pushing fifty, who’s going to hire a legal secretary who types on an electric typewriter and uses shorthand?”
Vivi pouted.
Gina moved onto Sarah busy snacking on peanuts: “And you can’t stretch your paycheck. You’re floating your bills. If mommy and daddy didn’t help out, you’d have no phone service, electricity or water. What are you going to do when they aren’t around? You think you’ll inherit their money? Statistics aren’t on your side. Mom and the General will need that money for their nursing home care. Your ex will get the last laugh as he skis down the slopes in Zermatt after having a wine and raclette meal paid for from his impenetrable trust fund.”
Sarah picked at her cuticles with one eye stuck in a half blink. “You forgot Joanie, she’s a mess”
After reading The Bloody Mary Club, I hope that the reader will realize that financial thrillers are fun to read and you might even learn something about the stock market. Through my story you will see that even the fat cats top get ripped off and that there are no get rich quick shortcuts.   In this era of self-directed IRA’s, everyone is responsible for their financial future and must make wise investment decisions. We all need to be savvy investors or else face a painful and dismal retirement. I make it clear through my characters that there are short cuts to make money or guarantees to double your return
I hope the readers think that I have a fresh, funny, engaging voice. I want them to see that I have a wicked sense of humor, write strong female characters, and that I’m not a boring writer. I hope you feel the joy that I have when writing about stocks/bonds/trading. One reaction that I get quite often is that my readers often ask me to take a review their portfolios, ask me to validate their trading strategies, offer IRA tips and to give them business advice. This is how I became a partner in Script Magazine after they featured me in the magazine. A wonderful side effect!
Let’s pump up the interest in Chick Lit Financial Thrillers!